Film Club continues

‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ is the latest offering from King House Film Club and will be show on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th April, with a talk before the Saturday showing by Johnny Gogan.             The film, which was directed by Ken Loach (15A) features Cillian Murphy and Liam Cunningham and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Loach’s thoughtful, powerful and moving political drama explores the turbulent events in early 1920s Ireland during the War of Independence and the Civil War.             On Saturday 14th April Johnny Gogan will be giving a pre-film talk and post-film discussion looking at the directing style and cinematic treatments of the director Ken Loach. Johnny is involved with filmography as a director, writer and producer. The Last Bus Home (1997), The Mapmaker(2001) amongst other films. Admission for non-members is €7. Complimentary glass of wine. Talk starts at 5.30 pm. For details please phone (071) 96 63242.