FIE halts Lough Funshinagh flood works

An environmental group has successfully resolved a High Court challenge it had brought against the decision to approve flood relief works at Lough Funshinagh in Co. Roscommon.

  Justice Garett Simons was informed by lawyers of ‘Friends of the Irish Environment’ (FIE) this week that Roscommon County Council had consented to orders quashing its decision to approve an emergency flood relief scheme under section 152 of the 2001 Local Government Act.

  The proposed scheme involved construction of a 3km pipeline which was designed to take water away from Lough Funshinagh to Lough Ree.

  The works were aimed at alleviated flood risk to the homes of several families living close to the lake.

  FIE had brought judicial review proceedings against both Roscommon County Council and the State on grounds including that the proposed works violated EU environmental laws.

  Roscommon County Council released the following statement on Wednesday: “Roscommon County Council left no stone unturned trying to find a mechanism to deliver urgent emergency relief that would ensure families could stay in their homes. Friends of the Irish Environment have questioned every decision in court, and can be expected to continue to do so.

  “A sad day for communities in Lough Funshinagh, and indeed others who may find themselves in similar circumstances”.