Fianna Fáil pledge on primary schools highlighted

Fianna Fáil will put 4,000 more teachers into primary schools and double funding, according to Deputy Michael Finneran.   ‘This will be on top of the 5,000 extra primary school teachers that have already been put in place in the past five years. Providing an extra 4,000 in the coming years will ensure that class sizes will be substantially reduced.   According to Deputy Finneran, Fianna Fáil’s detailed commitment stands in stark contrast to the empty rhetoric of other parties. ‘Fine Gael has talked a lot about class sizes in recent years, but their funding proposals offer nothing. In fact with the exceptionally inadequate investment promised by Fine Gael, class sizes would actually rise in the coming years,’ he said.   ‘What’s worse is their determination to make schools compete against each other for funding. This type of Thatcherite policy has had very damaging effects in other jurisdictions. What Fine Gael are really saying is that schools who don’t compete well would be completely ignored by them.’ Deputy Finneran said that he is proud of the huge investment that has gone into schools in Roscommon under this Government;   ‘I have spoken with Minister Hanafin about the need to reduce our class sizes further and I am delighted with her announcement that, back in Government, Fianna Fail will provide 4,000 more teachers. Schools all over Roscommon will benefit from this. I call on the other parties to match our commitment and prioritise education,’ he said.