Festival threat ‘a disgrace’

Roscommon town looks set to lose its summer festival this year – and one local publican says the blame lies with business people in the town. The event normally takes place over a weekend at the end of July/beginning of August – but the People understands that there are presently no plans in place to organise a festival this year.    Morgan Feehily, who runs Harlow’s public house in Roscommon town, has branded the likelihood that there will be no summer festival in the county town ‘a disgrace.’    Mr. Feehily was instrumental in organising the 2005 Festival, while last year, the organising committee was headed up by fellow publican Shane Regan. Contacted by the People this week, Shane Regan said that he would not be in a position to help organise a festival this year due to exam commitments. The prospect of there being no festival was ‘a bad state of affairs’ he commented.    Morgan Feehily says businesses in Roscommon town won’t ‘pull together’ and organise the event – and adds that local people, especially children, are the big losers.    The publican also claimed that business people in Roscommon town are slow to financially support the festival.    ‘I think it’s a disgrace that there’s going to be no RosFest this year. There are festivals in adjoining towns and villages, yet the county town can’t sustain one. Businesses won’t pull together – business people in Roscommon town simply have to learn to work together.   ‘Why is it always left to the publicans? It’s not about them making money.