Feighan’s concern

Fine  Gael’s Deputy Frank Feighan is very concerned  that  the new funding scheme will reduce childcare support for young working parents on low-incomes and force them back into the welfare trap. The new Childcare Subvention Scheme will only provide funding for childcare facilities  for children whose family  are on a social welfare payment i.e. farm assist; unemployment benefit, etc.   He said: ‘This will totally cut  adrift  families on low incomes and who are already struggling with recent hikes in mortgage repayments, increased fuel charges to keep  their  financial  head  above water that much more difficult.   ‘People working in the childcare sector are concerned about having to    increase charges, cut staff or even close as a result of the new funding    changes.   ‘There  are a large number of childcare centres in Cos. Roscommon and Leitrim alone which will be affected by these changes and not one will be better off as a result    of  the  new scheme. This move will have a devastating effect on local    communities  and the Minister must immediately review his decision concluded  Deputy Feighan’