Feighan: ‘9% drop in Roscommon live register’


Fine Gael Senator Frank Feighan welcomed recent news that there had been a 9% drop in the number of Roscommon people on the live register before stating that his party would ensure that all parts of Ireland could share in prosperity and economic growth.

  “It is very positive to see that the number of people signing on the live register in Roscommon has reduced by 9% in the last year. This equates to more than 250 people back in work,” he said earlier this week.

  Senator Feighan went on to highlight the fall in the number of those unemployed in Ireland over the last six years.

  “Unemployment in Ireland has fallen steadily from a peak of 16% in 2012 to 6% in March 2018.When compared with this time last year, we now see almost 20,000 more people back to work.

  “We are now thankfully moving towards full employment and we will ensure that all parts of Ireland can share in our prosperity and economic growth, including here in Roscommon,” he concluded.