Fashion forecast for autumn

Forget about the weather forecast, it’s utterly depressing and thus here is your fashion forecast for autumn 2007. The good news is that bling has died a death and the material girl has been replaced by the eco-friendly warrior. It would appear that this year’s autumnal colours are heavily overlaid with a sense of nature, as the green theme makes its way from the world of politics to the world of fashion. Whites, greens, delicate blues, pale blues and saturated yellows are all straight off the palette of the simple pastoral scene. Whites are diaphonous and fragile, with the variations being next to white, reminiscent of clouds. For the younger eco warrior, there’s organic greens, metallic blues and brown trimmed with lilac. The sun will even make an appearance, along restful shades of pale blue and the occasional accent of warm gold, your perfect skyscape. For colder climes, not unlike our own at present, the sage has predicted duck blue and sand tones. Bling is no longer bling, being replaced by cheerful and invigorating colours such as lilac, green or blue teamed with a zesty red, orange or cyclamen. There are three palettes to choose from, but you and only you can decide if you’re an artistic angel, a natural born beauty or a real romantic. If you opt for art, then think gypsy, Russian and Irish influences, and a feast of the ornamental and sumptuous. If going natural is more natural to you, then pale blonds, caramel hues and deepest darkest browns will be your bestest friends for this autumn. Textures for you are described as matte, flat and flannel.  Looking further into my crystal ball, I perceive a natural, but dark winter, with the delicious nourishment provided by warm oranges. For the winter season, one can look forward to lots of nude, the colour that is, as opposed to the goose-bump-inducing look. You see, it’s all about pigments, powdery pigments, glazed pigments or felted pigments, but all in a variety of naughty nude colours. The only flash of colour nourishment this winter will be provided by feverish pinks and fiery oranges. Reds will also bewitch around the holiday seasons of Halloween and Christmas. Expect black to be disquieting this winter seasons. It’s all gloomy jewels, with the colour being divided between metallic madness, amazing matts or rigorously reflective. It’s severe, violent, melancholy-inducing stuff. A bit like summer in Roscommon really.