Farrell says housing plans are inadequate

Anne Farrell, of Renua Ireland, said the recent housing plans announced by Environment Minister Alan Kelly and Finance Minister Michael Noonan, while welcome, did nothing to address the immediate accommodation crisis Ireland is now facing. Mrs Farrell, a General Election candidate in the Roscommon-Galway constituency, said: “The measures appear to be another example of Government missing the point and putting a sticky plaster on a gaping wound.  This may have been a legacy issue, but the housing crisis has worsened dramatically on Fine Gael and Labour’s watch.

  “Nothing tangible has been done in this term of office to prevent the rising tide of homelessness in Ireland, in spite of the Government’s knowledge of this growing problem.    Expensive, short-term fixes like modular housing are not the answer, but another show of poorly thought out reactions.”Mrs Farrell also said that “legacy issues” were no longer an acceptable answer to poor Government performance in power. She added: “We need to have a pro-active government, not one that only reacts to crisis after crisis and Renua Ireland is the difference in action.”

  Mrs Farrell said that Renua’s housing policy was a holistic model that encompassed the needs of people across their life.