Farmers left “hanging” for Dairy Equipment payments

The Chairperson of the ICMSA’s Farm and Rural Affairs Committee, Patrick Rohan, has said that farmers who carried out works under the DES component of TAMS II are being left “hanging out the window” through the Department’s delay in paying over the specified grant-aid while the farmers have paid suppliers and met the full cost of the works carried out.

  Mr. Rohan stated that many farmers – including dozens from all over Roscommon – have completed works approved under the Dairy Equipment Scheme and now find themselves in a very difficult position financially because it appears the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine are not in a position to process these payments for a number of months, with June being mentioned as the earliest possibility.  

  He went on to say that this was an unacceptable situation whereby farmers have incurred the significant costs of such works, have paid suppliers at a time when they are under the most severe pressure due to the collapse in dairy farmer income, but are now being told that it could be a further three to four months before the grant-aid on which their ability to carry out the work was premised will be paid to them.