Farmers in stand-off at Strokestown Show




Gardaí were called to the scene of a tense stand-off between farmers and members of the Strokestown Agricultural Show committee at Strokestown Park last Saturday afternoon.

  It is believed a number of farmers attempted to address members of the public using the public address system at the event but were prevented from doing so by committee members. It is understood that the farmers intended to address the ongoing beef prices’ controversy.

  This resulted in a stand-off between committee members and the group of farmers before Gardaí, who had been on site initially but had been called to a road traffic collision, were recalled to the show grounds.

  It’s understood the incident lasted approximately ten minutes before the group left the show grounds. A spokesperson for the Strokestown Agricultural Show declined to comment on the incident but said that the matter would be discussed at the committee’s next meeting, following which the committee may decide to issue a statement.