Fans have air views on senior team woes

Following Roscommon’s recent disappointing exit from the Connacht Championship, supporters were quick to turn their frustration on players and management. Fans were quick to air both their disappointment and disgust about the performance on the popular ‘stolen’ website, set up primarily for Roscommon GAA fans.   Some people suggested reasons as to why Roscommon didn’t gain victory. Perceived fitness problems, lack of leadership and managerial issues were discussed.    One user, ‘Micky 51’, had this to say: ‘I think that (John) Maughan’s position is probably untenable after that performance and he will know it’.    ‘roslimerick’ wrote: ‘Today’s performance left me empty and bereft. Our players showed no heart, no fight, no pride, no passion, no commitment. Our management showed no guile, no motivation, no tricks, no reserves.’    Along with detailing suggestions as to why the team didn’t perform better, users on the site also had their fair share of ideas for how the team could improve. According to  ‘Common Sense’: ‘The way the minors played as a unit throughout last year should have been an example to Roscommon going into this Championship.’    ‘ros 1’ meanwhile wrote: ‘If Maughan is to remain the gameplan should be changed. Take away the short-passing game and practice big time over the next three weeks on taking long range points.’    Many had messages of support for the team. For instance, ‘ros 2006’ said ‘Don’t lose faith lads’ and ‘rosabu’ added: ‘we must keeping trying and stick at it.’