Fallon invites FIE to talks over Lough Funshinagh

Independent Councillor Laurence Fallon, who lives near to Lough Funshinagh, has said he is “saddened and angered” by the current situation at Lough Funshinagh and extended an invitation to Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) to talks with flood-affected local residents over the proposed works at the turlough.

“I’m greatly saddened and angered by the current situation concerning Lough Funshinagh. The works were progressing very well and the pipe was being installed above the high winter level and above the turlough itself. It certainly wouldn’t have had a negative impact on the turlough,” he said.

“Water levels are currently 850mm higher than this day last year and barring a miracle will be one metre higher heading into the winter months this year.

“In reality, there is no possibility that five homes can be protected without this pipe being put in. The village of Ballagh will be like Beirut because it will be cut in two,” he said.

“Everything in the lake is dead. The plantlife is dead and the nesting sites are gone. I’ve no doubt that FIE are well-meaning people and I’d appeal to them to come and talk to me or someone else affected by the flooding. It’s very easy to look at a map but stopping these works will destroy everything.

“It’s about the suffering of families and the environment and court cases won’t solve that,” he concluded.