Fairtrade style – where fashion meets eco conscience

Everyone from super models to high street fashionistas are now getting behind eco initiatives. Get Lilly’s look this spring with the t-shirt dress (€23.00) and bag* just (€18.00) both made from Fairtrade cotton, so you can be stylish and help people in the developing countries too. Lilly Cole, face of the Limited Collection at M&S said, ‘I see my role working in the fashion industry as a natural opportunity to support various ethical causes.  I can use my position as a fashion model to raise awareness of certain issues.  I love the idea that eventually, we will all be able to buy anything we like without feeling guilty, and items won’t be labeled ‘ethical’ – fashion will just be ethical.’ M&S is the biggest retailer of Fairtrade cotton in the world and offers Fairtrade cotton clothing for all the family as well as for the home.  From socks to sheets everyone could bring a little Fairtrade into their lives and help improve the quality of life for others. Fairtrade cotton farmers benefit from the guaranteed Fairtrade price and social premium. In the Kita region of Mali, the Fairtrade premium has been used for digging wells to provide access to clean drinking water and to build a storage facility for grain, fertiliser and seeds.