Expectant mothers…preparing for your very own D-Day!


If, like Amal Clooney and Beyoncé, you’ve got a summer baby on the way, it’s likely you’re already in countdown mode for the imminent arrival of your darling little Junebug. However, if you’re one of those expectant mums who’re so laid-back they leave everything to the last minute (and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing), getting yourself into a flap the week of your due date – when you should be relaxing – is something we’re sure everyone wants to avoid. And so, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten items to prepare in the run-up to your very own D-Day!

1: Make sure you’ve fully discussed how you’d like your partner to help with the whole labour and birthing process. Remember, they may have a different outlook to you but, as you’re the star of this show, now’s the time to educate him/her regarding your feelings and expectations when you enter the delivery suite.

2: Way before the first contractions hit, make sure you’ve got a reliable babysitter on speed dial if you’ve got other children; and if you’ve got pets, have them booked in with a reputable boarding kennel.

3: Tell whoever is taking you to the hospital to have the route planned and timed; and make sure they know where to park and what entrance to use.

4: Have your bag packed with essential items such as all hospital paperwork, your ID, your RSI number and your reading glasses, etc.

5: Comfy cotton nighties, (short sleeves to make taking your blood pressure easier), dressing gown, slippers, toiletries, a book and any music that might relax you are essentials. A photo of someone you love can be a comfort to look at, especially when labour pains begin.

6: Have your partner pack a camera/mobile phone with credit, and a charger. You’ll want to document at least some parts of the big event and call family members and friends as soon as junior has made his/her arrival.

7: Tip! If you’ve got older kiddies, pack a small but special gift to give each of them when they come to meet their new sibling; it’s vitally important they know that as the ‘big brother/sister’ they’re not going to be ousted by the new arrival and that you love them all equally and unconditionally.

8: Bring a pen and notebook to write down any questions you have for the nurse/doctor/midwife.

9: Pack a ‘going home’ outfit. Make sure it’s comfy – don’t pack your size eight skinny jeans and a crop top…leggings and an oversized t-shirt accessorised with a pair of flat shoes will do you.

10: Most important – baby essentials: Nappies and a waterproof nappy bag, baby grows, vests, baby toiletries, soothers, baby wipes, blankets and of course, the all-important car seat…make sure it complies with EU regulation standards. Look up www.rsa.ie for expert advice and information.

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting! You’ll do great.