Exclusive interview with Santa!



Santa flies in to switch on the lights

Santa Claus made his annual pre-Christmas appearance in Roscommon town last Sunday much to the delight of boys and girls across the county. The reindeer are resting ahead of a very big night on December 24th so Santa took a lift on the back of a pick-up truck as he dropped in to switch on the county town’s Christmas lights.


  Speaking to the Roscommon People afterwards, Santa said: “I am delighted to be here in my favourite county and so glad to see all my friends once again. I’ll be back on Christmas Eve to deliver presents, subject of course to the terms and conditions set down by parents throughout the year”.

  Santa also confirmed that the trip to Roscommon couldn’t have gone any better from a logistical point of view.

  “It’s a very mild night and I’m thankful for that because the North Pole weather station tells me that bad storms are heading this way later in the week. The reindeer are being rested ahead of their big championship night next month so I flew down First Class with North Pole Air. I was then picked up by the Irish Air Corps and dropped at Roscommon Castle late last week.

  “I have been here for a few days making enquiries within schools across County Roscommon and of course with local parents to make sure that my list is up to date so that I only deliver presents to good girls and boys.

  “I want to congratulate the Christmas lights committee, Roscommon County Council, Roscommon Chamber and local businesses on all their hard work this year. The town looks splendid. It’s also comforting to know that Roscommon still has free parking. I had a hefty bill in Galway last year after I made my deliveries! I’m very happy that the organisers invited me and that the big switch-on took place today (on Sunday) so as to avoid all the badly-needed road works which are currently ongoing in County Roscommon!”

  Santa then hurried off to pose for selfies and photographs before meeting up with the air corps to begin his long journey back to the North Pole. He promised to return to Roscommon town on Christmas Eve, provided of course, Roscommon children reach the behavioural standards set out in the independent review which was carried out by ELFSOC (Elves List For Spoilt Obnoxious Children) earlier this month.