‘Everything begins with education, but health is our true wealth’

Anne Farrell, Renua’s Roscommon/Galway candidate for the 2016 General Election, says that things will not improve for Ireland unless “we radically change how we form policies.”

  In a press statement, she said: “We have seen time and time again that throwing money at a problem does not solve it if the system is broken. This has never been so apparent than in our health and education systems.

  “We have had too many ‘quick-fix’ solutions that have not worked.”

  Anne said that she and Renua feel that now is the time for change.

  “We need resilience-based programmes introduced into schools from very young, to put mental health awareness at the centre of our learning.

  “We need upskilling and retraining regularly and supports for the fundamental vocation of teaching. Teachers should not be left with the burden of all of our education programmes. We should have early intervention and parenting programmes rolled out. This will create positive results and will ultimately save money while also helping the people of Ireland.”

  She added “A holistic approach to health and education brings a healthier, more informed society who can take more responsibility for their own welfare.”

  She said her passion is to join the ‘crossover’  areas of education and health and to help teachers, child minders and nurses, and all carers in our society, by creating meaningful support structures so they can carry out their vital role in our society with no obstructions.

  Anne concluded: “If we really want things to improve, then we need to vote for change and Renua is the difference in action!”