Everybody has a hobby

There was an old Polish children’s song called ‘People with pets’. Everybody has had a pet at some stage, or has a pet. I think that it depends on what age you are. Children usually have animals because their parents read that kids with animals are more responsible. Older children usually say that they had animals when they were children. Adults have animals for companionship. Which animals can we keep at home? First of course, is a dog. Some people claim that a dog is man’s best friend. They probably think like that because this particular friend will never say a bad word about them. But if he is Kulfon the talking dog (a dog from a Janoathon Carroll story), that’s a different story. I don’t want to think about whether he is the best or the worst friend, but for sure he is the earliest animal domesticated by man. People in the Samara culture were the first to keep dogs in their homes. Nowadays dogs are probably the most popular pets, that’s certainly the case in Poland. When I was younger, I had about 20 dogs. Sometimes it even happened that I had three at the same time in a small apartment. I took home stray dogs – at least I thought they were strays, until the owners showed up – much to the delight of my mother.  I have an impression that in Ireland cats are the most popular pets. I didn’t check this scientifically, but I think that because there are no dogs on the street and in the shops more space is devoted to cat food than dog food. I never had a cat. But I dreamt really vividly about this after watching the movie ‘Seven Wishes’. In this movie, a huge ten-year-old black cat was speaking with a sexy voice and every week he made a wish come true. Anyway, after a while I lost all my fascination for cats when I saw another movie ‘Master and Margherita’ where a cat was the Devil’s sidekick. But I know from my friends who have a cat that it’s really cute to have a cat. He is also the best friend of man, because like a dog, he is silent.  Some people don’t even want to hear about dogs and cats. They just love birds. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about birds. I even had a slightly traumatic experience when I was a child. The story is that my friend had almost ten birds and he claimed that if we blew into the bird’s behind we could check if it was male or female.  Armed with this knowledge I went with another friend to the animal show and in this way I tried to choose a nice bird couple. I tried almost all the birds there (hey I was twelve or something!). Anyway, the story has a terrible ending. After one week, one bird ate the other. Since then I make important life decisions in a different way! Dogs, cats, birds, ladybirds, everything is OK, but I think it is better to try and have some human friends. However, sometimes I have the impression that no one understands a human like a good old dog. Anyway, the last time I called to a Roscommon dog ‘Chodz chodz (come, come), and he probably didn’t understand!