European Elections update

Having completed coverage of the Roscommon Local Elections we are now coming to you from the TF Royal in Castlebar.

The Roscommon People will aim to bring you up to date results as soon as we have them.

Given that there are two Roscommon candidates in contention to take a seat each, the people of Roscommon will perhaps be watching this European Election count closer than most previous ones.

Count 6:

The European Parliament Elections are finally beginning to heat up in Midlands-North-West, and the results of the 6th count, consisting of the distribution of Brian O’Boyle’s votes leave the state of play as follows:

Justin Barret (NP): 4,791

Niall Blaney (FF): 30,523

Anthony Cahill (TIP): 4,978

Nina Carberry (FG): 74,349

Peter Casey (IND): 21,654

Lisa Chambers (FF): 44,355

Barry Cowen (FF): 74,237

Luke Flanagan (IND): 79,582 – ROSCOMMON

Michelle Gildernew (SF): 46,383

Rory Hearne (SD): 15,825

Herman Kelly (IFP): 15,003

Fergal Landry (LAB): 7,236

Chris McManus (SF): 30,053

Saoirse McHugh (IND): 20,360

Ciaran Mullooly (II): 58,396 – ROSCOMMON

Pauline O’Reilly (GP): 14,157

Michelle Smith (IND): 7,032

Peadar Tóinín (AON): 41,696

Maria Walsh (FG): 72,027

John Waters (IND): 15,498


Eliminated on this count is Justin Barrett of the National Party and his 4791 votes will now be distributed.