Eurolife Financial Services – specialists in solving your mortgage headaches

Eurolife Financial Services is an Irish owned company specialising in providing mortgage finance for individuals who are faced with difficulties in securing further mortgage finance from traditional lenders. Eurolife Financial Services can also assist those who are self employed and have difficulty in obtaining finance as they are unable to provide company accounts for a specific time period. If you have arrears on your existing mortgage or other loans, you may find this has impacted on the availability of a new mortgage or re-mortgaging your existing property. We at Eurolife Financial Services specialise in finding solutions. We can assist you to refinance your mortgage along with other short-term loans, reduce your monthly outgoings and help you get back on your feet. We can help you to combine all your expensive monthly loans into one affordable payment at home loan rates. The reason we can save you money is that generally speaking, the interest rates you are paying on loans, credit cards or other credit agreements is usually higher than the interest rate you would pay on a mortgage. At Eurolife Financial Services, we also have relationships with lenders who do not use the traditional methods of assessing your application. A process known as ‘self certification’ allows you to inform the lender what you are actually earning, by providing proof of income through your bank account (as opposed to audited accounts). Although rates charged by these lenders are higher than those of traditional lenders, by combining the short-term loans and mortgages into one payment it creates some breathing space. Once you are able to meet your newer lower monthly payment and keep this up for a period of time (generally two to three years), you become ‘credit repaired’, and so can re-finance your mortgage again with a mainstream lender and avail of the keenest rates. For more information please call John Clarke, Eurolife Financial Services on (071) 9634873 or (086) 8896829.