Equal parenting is not always the case


When I heard on Ireland AM and read in most of the print meeja, that Angi Stafford (from the UK), was ‘shocked,’ by wording on the back of Tesco’s own brand disposable nappy liners, I thought  something abhorrent, something that’d incite risk to both user and infant, had  been printed on the pack. I mean, what could possibly ‘shock,’ scandalise and sicken a poor, first-time mother (and professional nurse) so badly her complaint had gone viral? 

  I’ll tell ya what flustered this delicate flower readers…two little words – ‘help mum’ – which were brazenly and astoundingly emblazoned on the liners’ pack and which Angi-I-have-feck-all-else-to-do-Stafford views as being ‘gendered instructions.’ Methinks Angi needs a project!

  Now while I understand everyone can change a baby’s nappy, it’s been my own experience that not everyone does! In my former marriage it was me, d’mammy, who changed wet and dirty bottoms, who wiped up projectile vomiting, and who took time off work when the babies were ill.  And yes, I was peed off at the unfair division of parenting duties in my home, (and I’ll stick my neck out and guess that so too were (are) many other Roscommon mammies). But face it folks, in a heterosexual parenting situation, (I’m not referring to same sex couples here, so no letters),  it’s usually mammy who bears the bulk of the duties; so Tesco aren’t too far off the mark with their labelling, even if yes, it could be construed as showing a gender bias.

  However mammies, let me ask you this…how many times have you smouldered with anger, when, arriving home from work, you found baby screaming at a decibel only the dog could hear, the house stinking of soiled nappies and himself, king-of-the-remote-control, slouched in front of the telly, making you want to take drastic action?  How many of you resented that lazy lump, (who left his baby’s cr*p for you to clean) so badly, you thought the bile inside your belly would burn like radioactive waste? Yeah, you know where I’m coming from…and yeah, you’re the mammies whom, like me, are the ones who notice a high temperature, who worry over a strange rash,   and, I’m guessing, you’re the mammies who think PC Princess Angi is a divvy! 

  Now, while I’m not referring to parents of any gender here, and I do acknowledge the growing trend of dads who are their babies’ primary carers, I’m not gonna be recommending them for a medal because I believe parenting should be shared equally. I also believe people like Angi need to stop clinging to the abstract notion that this is always the case, and instead, unclench, call the mothership…or should that be the ‘fathership,’ and make sure her antenna is picking up all of the channels!

Brian’s keeping his balls in the air

Clearly realising he’s no longer relevant, but yet not content to become a regular bloke, ex-Westlifer Brian McFadden doubled his efforts to draw attention away from his dwindling career last week with what he must believe is a perfectly timed statement.

  You see I’m guessing he’s always aware that someone, somewhere, is willing to listen to what he has to say. In this case it was Today FM’s celebrity gossip spreader, sorry reporter, who excitedly gushed that before he joined a boyband, man-about-town Brian explained he was ‘actually pretty famous on the bingo scene,’ as…you’ve guessed folks, a bingo caller.

  Well, well, isn’t it nice to see the lad’s doing everything he can to regain ground and reach those dizzying heights of fame once again, even if that means claiming to be the former darling of the blue-rinse brigade.

  I’m not a fan of Brian’s but I’ll give him credit for two things…he’s a trier, and he’s got a reasonable voice. I wish him well.

Get over yourself Rory

Last week, golfer Rory McIlroy disclosed his reason for interacting with young fans who approach him is all down to a shattering encounter he once had with his sporting idol,  former footballer and Ireland’s assistant manager Roy Keane, when the latter allegedly refused to sign his autograph book. 

  Okay fair enough, Rory does have a reputation for caring for his fans and only a while ago made a little kid’s day when a video of him handing the awestruck youngster a golf ball went viral. However, following Rory’s little whinge, I was amused to see a video from 2014 doing the rounds when this self-professed friend-of-the-fans appears to snub a young autograph hunter and the words…kettle, pot and black sprang to mind.

  Ah well, maybe that kid could go on to become a famous sportsperson and take a cheap shot at the minted golfer saying…I remember the time I was devastated to be rebuffed by Rory McIlroy…and, BTW Rory, I’m no fan of Keano’s, but I’m sure he’s not desperate for a visit from the self-esteem fairy following your snide broadside.