Epidemic with the exotic name that’s threatening our young people

It’s a worrying fact that New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) have become a feature of rural life in Ireland.

  Yes readers, statistics have shown that worried, hard-working, drug treatment therapists in centres operating in neighbouring counties such as Cavan and Monaghan – and in midland towns – are probably fighting a losing battle as they try hard to help kids as young as 15 years (and possibly even younger) who are presenting with what they have diagnosed as “chaotic addiction” to narcotics with exotic names such as synthetic cannabis, which is being peddled as ‘K2 Spice’, ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Blueberry Mix’, making them sound like some enticing, delicious, mouth-watering treat you’d ditch your diet to enjoy!

  Now if you think that’s spine-chilling (which I do), you’ll be petrified by what you read next. According to a report in last week’s Sunday Independent, ‘Dealers are targeting young school children and will even make home deliveries within a few minutes.’ So, in light of that fact, and, even though the Government slapped a ban on all substances that had psychoactive effects back in 2010, it appears that, in this current ‘anything goes’ culture, when it comes to young kids getting access to drugs, it’s never been easier! 

  These latest shocking revelations sadly tell me that this scourge, this massive, painful thorn in any parent’s side, has now reached epidemic proportions with no sign that the trend is going to go out of fashion any time soon.

  Parents of a certain vintage (mine), may remember that, during those crack cocaine boom years of the early nineties, the media snapshot of the life-destroying drug dealer we got was one of a Rolex-wearing, chauffeur-driven, champagne-swiggin’, successful millionaire entrepreneur; however, in reality these individuals are nothing more than society’s losers; parasites who prey on our kids, and who are no better than the excrement stuck to the sole of our shoes.

  Drug dealers are vermin, and, while I’m someone who considers myself to be a humane and compassionate individual, firmly believing that everyone, especially anyone who is suffering, and indeed, those experiencing the horrific effects of an addiction (even pushers), should be offered help and support to enable them to make a complete recovery, I will say that if I found anyone peddling or pushing drugs on my young granddaughter, well, let’s just say I’d do all in my power to protect her and prevent them from getting their greedy, slimeball, murdering, predatory hands near her for a second time!

  You see folks, kids will try drugs for a variety of reasons; it’s all part of the experimentation process, but addiction is a disease, and when it takes a foothold, it can prove fatal. This disease spreads like a wildfire throughout the entire family unit, rendering it weak, with the ultimate goal being to destroy it emotionally, financially and physically, and it’s a fact that no matter how nurturing or wonderful we are as parents, we really only possess a minute measure of influence over our teenagers and sadly, it seems, there will always be some seedy little scumbag who’ll try to manipulate and push your beautiful child to break your family’s boundaries, meaning that, when addiction takes hold, only one relationship will matter to the sufferer…the one with their drugs!  

  There are few situations more rewarding than parenting a child, however if that child is a teen who is trying to liberate themselves from rules and conformity by becoming hooked on drugs, then I’d imagine there are few situations more scary.

Eurovision throws up all kinds of everything…

Despite a polished performance in the semi-final, (I hate Eurovision but tuned into the qualifiers out of national pride), and despite RTE mindlessly brainwashing us with this year’s high profile entry – Northside Dubliner Nicky Byrne (I know him as Nico) did us proud with his self-penned ditty ‘Sunlight,’ but sadly Ireland failed to make the grade.

  Now seriously folks, we dodged a bullet by not qualifying, I mean, let’s address the elephant in the room here and say that, given that this competition has become a closed shop, our chances of ever winning again are slim to none. That’s a relief, because we simply cannot afford to host another Eurovision Song Contest in this country!

  On another note, Eurovision has gone politically crazy, and, despite the result, with winner Jamala, a lovely girl from Ukraine securing the trophy by warbling a very sad dirge about a grandmother that touched the voters’ hearts, the fact still remains that my opinion of Eurovision will always be that it’s essentially… money for nothing and your kitsch for free!

Is Calvin De-Kleining to Remain Decent?

Designer brand Calvin Klein’s latest advertising campaign displays a number of risqué images but none more so than the provocative ‘upskirt’ pic of model Klara Kristin which appears to have been shot at a low angle, showcasing her underwear, accompanied by the slogan  “I flash in #mycalvins.”

  Now perhaps I’m getting prudish in my dotage, but flashing your skivvies is not classy, in fact it’s highly indecent, and in my humble opinion it’s a disgrace that some high profile (and expensive) designers appear to have totally forgotten the fact that they have a certain amount of social responsibility towards the public when creating their marketing campaigns. This is so especially in light of the fact that impressionable young kids and teens may try to emulate these highly-sexualised, and what could be construed as, pornographic images.

  I mean folks, if this particular low angle shot had been taken by an individual in a public place, it would have rendered the perve a hard slap in the face and an appearance before a judge – and rightly so. Get a clue Klein!