Ensure your home has the leading technology with Home Automation Systems in Menlough

When buying a new home most people want to be sure that it meets the very highest standards possible and that it can keep pace with modern living. Home Automation Systems can offer just exactly that thanks to the very latest technology available.   These homes are ‘future proofed’ and offer owners the luxury of having their homes wired for audio, intelligent lighting, home cinema, security and entertainment all through one Home Automation System hub. Each room is cabled with TV/multimedia, phone and PC points which are cabled back to the hub from where are services such as Sky, broadband, etc. are distributed.   Music lovers will now be given the power to listen to their favourite music with superb hi-fi quality sound, throughout their home at the touch of a button whether it is music from your CD collection, radio, DVD or MP3 player. The system also caters for those with differing tastes allowing you to listen to different music in different rooms at the same time.   The system will also facilitate those who wish to install a home entertainment system whether you prefer a sleek flat panel display or prefer the full-blown cinema experience with each home cabled for a 5.1 home cinema entertainment system. No more multiple speakers, no more clutter, no more hiding wires — just the pure excitement of bringing your movies and music to life in your own home.    Couple this with the advantages of controlled lighting throughout your home and you really can have a home that reflects your lifestyle. Create the perfect lighting for the mood or occasion, at the press of one button.    In addition each property is pre-cabled for CCTV points at each entrance allowing the homeowner to view the CCTV image throughout the house.   Call (090) 96 84555 for more details on homes with HAS technology. They are based in Menlough, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.