Enjoy the Environ experience

They’re loved by Kate Moss and Stella McCartney among others, and now Environ Facials are coming to Roscommon, where they will be available at Elaine Clyne’s beauty rooms. Environ Facials greatly enhance the skin tone, reducing lines and wrinkles, which is just the quick fix to restore glowing skin. The treatments, which were developed by plastic surgeons, protect and treat the skin and are based on Vitamins A and C. The Ionzyme DF Machine employs a combination of two highly sophisticated pulses, lontophoresis which involves the use of pulsed electric current and low frequency Sonophoresis which involves the use of sound waves. The Environ Facial Sequence offers a comfortable and effective treatment commencing with a thorough cleansing of the skin and the active treatment starts with the simultaneous use of lontophoresis and sonophoresis. This has proved to be the most significant advance in skincare and can be used for other body surface areas such as the legs, arms and neck. Sonophoresis may also be used by itself on limited areas such as the upper lip, fine lines around the eyes and scar tissue and pigmentation marks. Stretch marks and cellulite may also be treated with lontophoresis and Sonophoresis.