Energy saving and home insulation tips for the elderly




If you’re a senior citizen you’ll understand what I mean when I say the current harsh winter conditions are probably proving difficult for your physical health and wellbeing. You see, the plummeting temperatures affecting the county can not only make a senior citizen more susceptible to health issues like the flu virus, it can also render them to be predisposed to suffering from hypothermia, etc.

  And so, this week, if you’re a senior citizen who has mobility/health issues, or who just needs a bit of help, and you’re feeling the chill, why not ask a family member or a friendly neighbour to give your home a quick sweep over and seal up cracks and cavities in order to insulate and conserve your heating energy.

Ask them to:

Fit thermal linings to your curtains.

  Get a qualified and certified engineer to service your heating system. Please make sure to ask for identification before you allow anyone into your home.

  Have a thermostat timer fitted and make sure you know how to operate it.

  If you’re finding it hard to cope financially, find out if you qualify for any age-related fuel discounts and check out the details of the Household Benefits Package at your local Citizens Information Centre. You may be eligible to get help with the costs involved in running your home. For more information, log onto

  In addition, there is a scheme called Housing Aid for Older People which is available through local authorities who may be able to help you with repairs that will make your home habitable. A little extra help and support is always welcome. However, as certain criteria/deadlines, etc., must be fulfilled to determine eligibility, I’d advise you make enquiries yourself directly to Roscommon County Council or ask a friend to get you an application form…and get that ball rolling.

  In the meantime, have a friend slowly (and carefully) move a lighted candle around the edges of your windows…where it flickers, you’ve found a crack. Seal it up and move onto the doors. Placing door sweeps under exterior doors, i.e. front and back doors, is a good way to prevent the bitterly cold air from getting in. In addition, placing weather stripping around your doors can potentially save you up to 10-15 per cent on heating bills. Do make sure you get help choosing the correct seal for the specific purpose. Your local DIY salesperson will be happy to advise regarding this.

  Ask your friend to wrap any exposed pipes in your home with insulation in order to minimise any risk of them freezing and bursting.