Elphin to host weekend of traditional music

The Dr. John Stafford Festival will take place in Elphin this Saturday and Sunday (18th and 19th). This promises to be a weekend of traditional Irish Music and Gaeilge and will be hosted by Elphin CCE who have hosted an array of successful and enjoyable Fleadhs over the past three years. The committee devised the idea of a festival in honour of a patron of the arts from years gone by.

  Dr. Stafford hailed from Portobello, Elphin and tended to Turlough O’Carolan, the great harpist and composer when he hit a low and dark stage of his life.

  O’Carolan was depressed and neglected himself and his harp and Dr. Stafford took the talented harpist under his wing and rescued him from the darkness while reviving his love for composition and music.

  O’Carolan composed a tune in Stafford’s honour as recognition for his help. The tune called ‘Dr. Stafford’ or ‘O’Carolan’s Receipt for Drinking’ is widely known as one of his greats.

  This weekend’s festival promises to be a hive of activity with sessions, workshops, a Feis and a new flute competition called Fluiteadoir Ros Comain.

  The new flute competition is proving to be extremely popular as the flute is synonymous with Roscommon due to some of the great players who have hailed from these parts.

  Elphin CCE would like to invite lovers of music and culture to join them in Elphin for what promises to be a great weekend.