Elphin students call on Minister Foley to provide exam clarity

Elphin Community College students who recently staged a protest outside their school have this week reiterated their call on the Department of Education to allow Leaving Certificate students a choice between sitting this year’s exam and predicted grades.

  Sixth year student, Declan Main, who is head boy at Elphin Community College, said students are facing further pressure following two years of disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  “There is a need for a hybrid Leaving Certificate exam this year due to the amount of anxiety and stress faced by students in the last two years because of the pandemic and the uncertainty around it,” he said.

  “There has been no clarity and students have been waiting for a definite decision which only adds to the stress.

  “We’ve missed out on classes due to lockdowns and time off due to positive tests and being close contacts. A hybrid approach would be the fairest solution and I think we deserve to have that”.

Head girl Ciara Nolan agrees and said it was time Minister for Education Norma Foley confirmed plans for this year’s State exam.

  “We have so much on in the coming months including mock exams, course work and oral exams and I don’t think it’s fair that the Government keeps putting this off,” she said.

  Both students also pointed to the fact that a number of last year’s Leaving Certificate students decided to defer their college places until this year, which they believe will add more competition when it comes to CAO points and places in 2022.