Elphin publican ‘wasn’t aware’ he had to self-isolate

The Elphin publican at the centre of a Covid storm says he wasn’t aware that he should have been self-isolating while awaiting the result of a coronavirus test.

Publican Gordon Murray, who has since tested positive for Covid-19, also says he was not aware that an 18th birthday party was taking place at An Bóthar Rua on Saturday when he arrived at the premises at around 10 pm.

Reports of positive Covid tests for people in the Elphin area have been circulating over recent days.

Amidst much comment on social media and in the wider community, Mr. Murray spoke to local media to address some of the speculation.

“I will put my hands up and say I didn’t know I had to self-isolate. If I knew I was supposed to, I would not have been at the bar on Saturday,” he said before adding that there were no more than 60 people in the bar on Saturday night.

Mr. Murray said that he could understand local anger following the events on Saturday night. He confirmed that his premises is now closed for the time being, although he had not received a request from the HSE to shut it.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Valerie Byrne has called for calm in the wake of the controversy in Elphin.

Speaking to the Roscommon People, Cllr. Byrne said close contacts to the confirmed case are adhering to HSE guidelines.

“This is where we are at now. This has happened and now we have to look at the best way forward. Everyone has to look after themselves and in that way they will look after loved ones,” she said.