Ellis takes fight to opposition

Fianna Fail TD John Ellis has laid down the gauntlet to the opposition – he says that his party’s priority in the coming election is maintaining a strong economy – and that future economic stability is likelist with a return of the existing Government.      Speaking to the Roscommon People on economic matters Deputy Ellis says that caution is the watchword as we move forward.   ‘We are committed to a fairer, stronger Ireland and we have made huge progress in that regard. We also want to keep moving forward on that but we know that fairness requires a strong economy. That is our priority.    ‘We will not jeopardise the economic prosperity that the Irish people have built up.    ‘We must continue to move forward by implementing the right policies, policies which promote investment and reward work, if we are to consolidate the gains already made.’ ‘Other parties see things differently. Their view is that the heavy lifting has been done