Editorial comment -Stay calm, Stay strong

Stay calm, stay strong

Editorial comment

That distance thing between grandparents and children is perhaps the cruellest cut of all…the starkest, most poignant symbol of this chaos.

Strange times. A ruthless, worldwide virus. Challenging times.

Here in Roscommon, as across the world, families are worried, businesses are rocked.

We’ve been hit with a perverse double blow: a serious threat to health, a sledgehammer taken to the economy. It’s a brutal, unforeseen, previously unimaginable development.

For now, but hopefully only for weeks or months, we are living on Planet Covid-19.

In Roscommon, people are worried. The primary concern is for everybody’s health. We appeal to all our readers to follow the advice of the Government and HSE. Wash your hands regularly. If you cough/sneeze, exercise caution. Crucially…take the social distancing guidelines with utmost seriousness. Look after yourself, your family, the elderly and the vulnerable. This won’t go on forever.

Families in Roscommon are also reeling from the closure of so many businesses. People have lost their jobs. Business owners have been dealt a massive blow. Our thoughts are with all who are affected. The consequences of the coronavirus for business are catastrophic. It is essential that ‘Central Government’ delivers on its promise to support SMEs.

Some businesses remain open, including in Roscommon’s towns and villages. We appeal to our readers to continue to support these SMEs. Never before has it been so necessary to support small businesses. And when those businesses that have closed re-open, we must rally to their aid too. These small businesses throughout County Roscommon are the backbone of our economy and they need us NOW.

We are indebted to our medical personnel across the country. These heroic frontline healthcare workers need all our support now. Likewise, so many people in other walks of life are stepping up to the mark heroically and we are indebted to them too.

This is a time for community spirit to shine through. It will too…there is already much evidence of the generosity of our people manifesting itself.

Most of all, we need to look out for one another, particularly for the elderly and the vulnerable.

We are in this together. We will prevail. It’s challenging for everyone, but our advice to readers is: Stay Calm, Stay Strong, Be Kind, Be Mindful.

Time will pass. Light will shine. Let’s get grandparents and grandchildren embracing again. Take care.