Editor praises organisers

Mr. Paul Healy, Managing Editor of the Roscommon People, said that he was very pleased to maintain his association with the South Roscommon Singers Festival. Explaining that he had been involved as a sponsor while Editor of the Roscommon Champion, Mr. Healy said that he was delighted to continue to support the Festival in his new position as Editor of the Roscommon People.    Welcoming the visitors from America, Mr. Healy said that he had no doubt that the trip and the entire experience was emotional and fulfilling for them.    He commended the musicians who had performed on the night and said that the award recipient, Mr. Mick Moloney, was a most distinguished and deserving choice.    Mr. Healy congratulated the organising committee on all the effort involved in hosting the Festival. He said their commemoration of the memory of Annie McNulty was very important as it filled a significant void in terms of local knowledge of the feats of a renowned family who had reached such heights in the entertainment industry in the USA.