Edel’s very own operation transformation!

Are you looking for inspiration to get fit and healthy this year? Well, look no further than Roscommon woman Edel Quigley, who has lost almost nine stone in weight over the past two years!

  Following a complete lifestyle overhaul, the 31-year-old mother-of-one went from a size 24 and weighing 18st and 6lbs to running the Dublin City Marathon.

  Edel’s story will resonate with many of us who have struggled with weight issues or lifestyle changes.

  When she told her story to the Roscommon People. Edel started by speaking about her initial weight gain.

  “When I met my partner in 2003 I wore a size 12 or 14. Then the take-outs and the nights out with alcohol set in and I got so comfortable in my relationship that I didn’t watch what I was eating. I would be looking for nice clothes to wear for nights out, etc. and found it increasingly hard to find anything that would fit me. I used to love Penneys, but as time went on I couldn’t get Penneys’ clothes that would fit me correctly and I could not face going into boutiques as I felt I was too fat for this. I felt people were staring at me and would imagine they were saying ‘Where does she think she is going? There’s nothing here that will fit her!’”

  Edel took to shopping for clothes online to save herself the embarrassment of browsing in stores. In September 2010 she became pregnant and by the time her son Alex was born – in July 2011 – she was wearing clothes sized 22/24.

  She returned to work in March 2012 but admitted to not being comfortable in her own skin. She also worried about not being able to keep up with Alex, who would soon be walking. Edel said that her supportive partner, Francis, played a crucial role in her lifestyle change.

  She said: “My weight was never an issue for my partner, he loved me for me, but I felt I needed to get rid of it for my health and for my son to have a role model and for us to be able to play and enjoy our time together.”

  And so Edel decided to join a Weighwatchers group near her workplace in Athlone – and while that first weigh-in was difficult, she kept her head down and persevered.

  As she began to lose weight, Edel took even more brave steps by joining Zumba classes while she also started going for longer walks. She also rediscovered her love of Irish dancing and took classes with Brian Geraghty in Roscommon. Edel also joined up with the Running Rossies and Sinead Gannon and before long she had completed her first Mini Marathon in Dublin.

  Her partner Francis continued to support her and, spurred on by her son Alex, Edel went one better in October 2015 and completed her first Dublin City Marathon with the help of Roscommon Harriers.

  Our weight loss heroine has also continued her Irish dancing and has even taken home a few honours in the process!

  Edel continues to work hard while living a healthy lifestyle and stepping on the scales in Athlone has become much easier as a result.

  She said: “In March 2016 I reached my ‘goal weight’ and my God, what a feeling that was! The whole class just erupted when they found out I had finally chipped away all the pounds. The support I have felt from the first day I went in has been brilliant. They are the nicest group of people and I have come to call them my family! Each week they wanted to hear how I had got on and gave me a clap on the back for a good week’s work or words of encouragement for the ‘not so good’ weeks. Patricia, the leader, has always been a great support and so encouraging.”

  Edel is getting married in 2018 and told us she now loves shopping and can’t wait to try on wedding dresses safe in the knowledge that her weight won’t stop her.

  A truly inspiring woman who is proof positive that, with the right support, anything is possible!