Dynamos founding member hails Daire’s Rás win

‘An unbelievable achievement’

A founding member of the Donamon Dynamos Cycling Club, where Daire Feeley had his first foray into the world of competitive cycling, has hailed the Rás winner’s success this week.

John Concar says the former Dynamo learned to race in the club’s underage ranks.

“There’s no doubt that Daire learned to race at underage and junior levels (U-18) with the club. It’s absolutely fantastic to have a Rás winning rider who started with us,” he said.

“The earliest memory I have of Daire was when his dad Noel asked us to bring him cycling because he was bursting with energy!

“His determination first came to the fore in the International Junior Tour when he got back on his bike and finished a race following a crash”.

John says that merely competing in the Rás is an achievement in itself.

“It’s an unbelievable achievement for a Roscommon rider to ride in the Rás never mind win it outright. Not too many from these parts have competed in the Rás. I think of the talented cyclists we’ve had in this county…the likes of Dessie Woods from Loughglynn, Michael Duffy from Ballinagare, John Kenny from Ballyleague and Eamon Flanagan. For Daire to win the national race…well it’s a massive achievement!”

Being successful in the sport of cycling is notoriously difficult but John believes there is plenty of potential talent in Roscommon. So, how can clubs maximise this potential?

“That’s a very difficult question to answer. We have had loads of young lads coming through the Dynamos and the other clubs have too but cycling is a really tough sport…it’s only every now and then do you find a diamond,” he said.

Will Daire Feeley’s recent success help to unearth more cycling diamonds in the Roscommon soil?

“I really hope so. It’s certainly not easy to achieve what Daire achieved last week…but there are more and more clubs around the county now so there are plenty of opportunities for young cyclists,” John concluded.