Dublin and doublin’ as Mayo curse their luck

Dublin must surely now be up there with the very best teams in modern times. Back to back All-Ireland titles, not to mention their dominance of Leinster and the National Football League puts them on par with the very best to turn out at Croke Park.

  I know coverage in the west is going to be focused on the team from Connacht, but it’s only right to give this team their due!

  As for Mayo, it’s not easy to lose any game by a point let alone a final, let alone following two frenetic battles. They were immense in terms of effort but I always felt that Dublin’s class would eventually prove too much. The Dublin subs’ fresh legs made the difference in the end and Sam Maguire will spend winter in the capital.

  All in all, both matches were played at a rapid pace and they proved just how fit modern footballers are. Months of training throughout the winter can come down to a mere moment in a big game. It was exciting, intense and full of drama and sub-plots, which have been detailed to death across a wide range of media outlets over the past few weeks.

  It wasn’t for everyone, however, and even the mascot for a local supermarket was unimpressed with the ‘bile’. Yes it was intense and yes there are heated exchanges and moments of red mist but perhaps the observer switched off before the show of respect between both sets of players at the end.

  Last Saturday, Mayo, Dublin, Lee Keegan, Diarmuid Connolly and Co. went to war for Sam Maguire, and in the aftermath they acknowledged each other as worthy adversaries. Sure, there were a few belts and harsh words exchanged over the 140 minutes but that can happen when two groups of committed athletes are in competition.

  In the end, the wait for Mayo continues while Dublin have been elevated to a level of greatness rarely seen in modern times.