Drumm ‘accepts Govt. policy on Hospital’ – Finneran

Professor Brendan Drumm, Chief Executive Officer of the Health Service Executive, has confirmed he accepts stated Government policy on Roscommon County Hospital, namely that there will be no downgrading of either medical or surgical services at the Hospital, according to Deputy Michael Finneran. At the Dáil briefing on Thursday last, which was attended by over one hundred Oireachtas members, Roscommon Government Deputy Michael Finneran put the following direct question to Professor Drumm: ‘In mid May ’07 the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern T.D. on a visit to Roscommon, was asked by RTÉ what was his Government’s position on Roscommon County Hospital? The Taoiseach replied that on return to Government he wanted to state that there would be no downgrading of any of the services at Roscommon County Hospital.’ Deputy Finneran put it to Professor Drumm the above is stated Government Policy on the Roscommon County Hospital, and he asked him, as Chief Executive Officer of the Health Service Executive, if he accepted it. Professor Drumm replied: ‘The answer is yes, clearly yes.’ Deputy Finneran stated: ‘I welcome this definitive statement from Professor Drumm and I now think it is time for the Health Service Executive to proceed with the upgrades and appointments at the Roscommon County Hospital, namely the provision of a new coronary care unit, a new high dependency unit for surgical patients, the provision of a new day surgical ward and the appointments of extra consultants needed at the Hospital. ‘Fianna Fáil is not directly involved in the proposed march on Saturday, 17th November and will not have any official presence from Oireachtas members, county councillors, or party members. ‘The people of Roscommon have already marched to the polling booths last May where they gave 10,000 number one votes on the policy outlined by the Taoiseach and myself on Roscommon County Hospital. I will be giving a full briefing on the Roscommon County Hospital to over 500 members of the Fianna Fail party from all over County Roscommon when they meet in the Abbey Hotel on Sunday next, 18th November. It is a matter for individual members and supporters of the party to attend the march if they so wish,’ concluded Deputy Finneran.