Drama Group to reignite theatre in Ballygar


Theatre will be relaunched in Ballygar on Saturday, July 1st when renowned writer and performer, Little John Nee presents his show ‘Small Towns and Potholes.’

Ballygar Town Hall will host the production and it is a venue which has a strong theatre tradition and had been the scene of many productions right up until the 1990s.

At a recent reunion of the Ballygar Drama Group, those present reminisced about the rich history which includes memories of the famous Anew McMaster’s Touring Theatre Company with Shakespeare’s MacBeth.

The stage had been boarded up since the 1990s but thanks to the voluntary work of the Ballygar Arts and Theatre Space and Ballygar Men’s Shed, it has since reopened and can accommodate 60 people.

Those present at the recent reunion got to thread the boards once again and the event brought back memories of an era when the drama group played to packed houses and brought joy, laughter and a rich theatrical experience to all in the community.

It is hoped that the venue can once again bring a memorable theatre experience to the town of Ballygar starting with ‘Small Towns and Potholes’ on Saturday, July 1st.

For tickets, contact Louise Holian on 087-7437443 or Sheila Flanagan on 087-2141170.