Drama Festival committee’s thanks

At a recent meeting of the Drama Festival Committee held to review the outcome of the Roscommon Drama Festival 2016, sincere thanks was expressed to everyone who had contributed to the success of the festival.

  Chairperson, Caroline Egan, said that the festival depended on the support of the entire community and the committee was grateful that this could be depended on year after year.

  Caroline noted that the Drama Festival was lucky to have a core of committed patrons who purchase season tickets and come to every play every year.

  She said “The generosity of the sponsors was a key factor in the sustainability and success of the festival and the committee would like to express sincere thanks to those who take advertisements in the programme and sponsor the various awards.”

  Caroline also expressed her thanks to the proprietors of the various establishments who host the nightly festival club and offer a warm welcome and hospitality. She singled out the local media for special mention and said that the support of the local papers and radio stations was essential in publicising the event.

  The committee was privileged, she said, to have Roscommon Arts Centre, a top-class venue, to host the festival and she thanked Averyl Dooher and her staff for their wholehearted support of the festival.

  Next year will be the tenth anniversary of the revival of Roscommon Drama Festival and Caroline said that the committee was planning a special fringe event to mark the occasion but that it was too early to reveal the details at this stage.