Download EmCall App and save lives!

Roscommon people are being urged to download the EmCall App in order to save the lives of loved ones.

The app, which was designed in Roscommon by Roscommon Rapid Response, contains features such as the location of defibrillators throughout the county and also has the ability to alert trained responders and the emergency services to life-threatening situations.

Speaking to the Roscommon People this week, John McDermott of the Roscommon Rapid Response group said the app could save lives.

“We are urging people to download this app because it will allow those in cardiac arrest to get the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible,” he said.

The chances of survival for those in cardiac arrest greatly diminish after the first five minutes so an immediate response is needed.

The EmCall app not only directs the user to the nearest defibrillator, it also alerts the eight closest trained first aiders to that defibrillator. The app also uses the phone’s location to guide responders to the scene.

75 per cent of cardiac arrests happen in the home and so accurate information is vital. The EmCall app not only directs the phone user to available defibrillators but also guides them in how to access them.

“It’s all about targeting a medical response within five minutes because that’s what saves lives,” John said.

“The EmCall app also features a ‘Mental Health’ option, which connects the user directly to the Samaritans. No data is retained by the app so this can be done quickly and confidentially”.

The app, which was supported by Roscommon LEADER and Roscommon County Council, could save up to six lives each year, according to John.

“Out of every 5,000 cardiac arrests, just 250 people survive. We believe we could save up to 750 if this app goes national,” he said.

“If we can achieve a five-minute response time then six lives can be saved each year. The quicker the response, the better the chance of survival, and this app will aid that”.

The EmCall app is available to download free on all mobile devices through the Play Store/App Store/Google Play.

If your community group has a defibrillator and would like to be added to the app, please contact