Donations stolen from outside charity shop


The manager of a well-known Roscommon town charity shop has asked the public to avoid leaving charitable donations outside the premises on Church Street due to a recent spate of thefts.

  Tina Joyce, manager of the National Council for the Blind in Ireland shop for the past three years, told the Roscommon People that bags left outside of opening hours had been taken.

  “The people who are taking the bags are known to us. It’s a shame that they do this. It’s shocking.

  “I had to put a notice on the door thanking people for their donations but asking them not to leave bags outside in the morning or evening. People leave the best of stuff and we’re grateful for donations. It’s just terrible that it’s come to this,” she said.

  Local businesses and residents have rallied around Tina and her staff. Some have even taken steps to prevent thefts. Tina appreciates the support but is understandably frustrated by the actions of those seeking to steal donations.

  “The man next door took bags in so that they wouldn’t be stolen. He didn’t have to do that. Sometimes the bags are taken and these people leave their own bags instead. There’s rubbish and even nappies. We don’t know what’s in the bags until we take them inside,” she added.

  While expressing deep gratitude to those who have supported and continue to support NCBI, Tina has asked those making donations to leave items during the opening hours of 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.