Don’t let stress ruin your big day







Anyone planning a wedding, whether it’s a small intimate affair or a massive party, is highly likely to experience some form of stress. Unless of course you’re my husband who just doesn’t do stress, because, according to him, I stress for everyone.   

  Anyhow, if you’re a stressed-out bride or groom about to embark on what should be the most exciting event of your life, we’ve got a few calming tips we hope will see you through.

  First of all, we’re not medical experts, so if your stress levels are causing you to experience panic attacks, etc., please speak with your doctor.

  If you’re someone who knows in advance that certain situations or encounters with certain people are likely to cause you stress, then avoid them by either finding ways to make them either more manageable or delegate them to someone else. That someone else could be your venue’s wedding planner, your matron of honour/best man or a trusted friend or relative.

  We know it’s hard, but try not to compare your wedding to someone else’s. Look, if your cousin insists on texting you about her workmate’s wedding where Mary Berry made the cake and Meghan Markle’s designer made the gown, send her back a smiley emoji, after all, she’s always been an enthusiastic little soul… then ignore her. This is your day and meeting the expectations of others should never be on the agenda.

  Don’t start second-guessing yourself and worrying about things that could perhaps have been done better or that could possibly go wrong on the day. To do this will overwhelm you and take the enjoyment out of the occasion for both you and your future husband/wife. Instead, try and be kind to yourself, and deflect those negative thoughts by booking a facial or a relaxing massage, or have your nails done, then book in for a wash and blow dry and go out for a nice meal with your future husband/wife.

  Try to dip in and out of social media as opposed to becoming obsessed with logging on to that crafty work colleague, whom, like a recession-proof squirrel, has only gone and DIY-ed her entire wedding using nothing more than a plant pot and a wooden pallet. You’re getting married, not auditioning for a spot on Blue Peter, so stop wishing you were more creative, spend your spare time catching up on some beauty sleep and understand you’re doing your day, your way!

  Try to avoid that week-before-your-big-day annoying guest questions like…how much is it to stay at the hotel? What time does the ceremony begin? I’ve got no babysitter; can I bring my six kids??? Spell everything out in the invitations, or, better still, set up a group Facebook page or a wedding website and politely direct all guests to the FAQ section and let them at it!