Don’t get spooked by vandals this Halloween



We here at your family-friendly newspaper know that Halloween is a firm favourite with our loyal readers.

  Who doesn’t love dressing up, eating goodies and hanging out with pals; sure isn’t it all part of the overall spook-fest vibe?

  However, as you’re decorating your home, sourcing scary costumes and stocking the kitchen with sweets, cakes, biccies and bars in readiness for those about to knock on your door, please be wary of the possibility that sinister people may also come-a-calling.

  Yes readers, there are sadly some elements of society living among us who’ve dedicated their entire lives to scaring the hell out of people by breaking into their homes. As these people use occasions like Halloween (or situations when you’re at your most vulnerable) to utilise your empty house to engage in their own brand of terror, wrecking everything you’ve worked hard to achieve and protect, we’d like to share some home security hints and tips. Here are our top 8 home security hacks; we hope you find them helpful.


Burglars love to target homes hidden by high hedges and trees; especially those obscuring windows and doors. Therefore, if you don’t want to give your intruder something to hide behind, now is the time to trim that foliage!


Depending on your neighbourhood, and the age group of the kiddies, bear in mind that legitimate trick-or-treaters should really be off the streets by 8 pm! Therefore, unless you are expecting a visit, anyone knocking later than this needs to be treated with caution; especially if they’re wearing a mask!


You cannot underestimate the value of motion detector lights in your garden, especially in the drive-in, around sheds and barns, and on the patio. The second these lights go on, they alert you and anyone else in your community to the fact that a possible intruder may be lurking.


Halloween is a burglar’s dream, and a home owner’s nightmare. Think about it readers…he/she is able to canvass your neighbourhood dressed up in a Scream or a Freddie Krueger mask without arousing any suspicion whatsoever. Therefore, always make sure you know who’s hiding behind that disguise. If you’re suspicious, don’t open that door.


When it comes to the kiddies, accompany them when trick-or-treating and never, ever, take shortcuts through alleyways, or dimly-lit parks. In addition, check every one of your kids’ treats, making sure they’re safe to eat.


Now while we know Halloween is the season of jokes and pranks, if you’ve got teenagers who’re planning a bit of mischief, (and we were all teens at one stage), do make sure they behave themselves. It is understandable that kids/teens will want to have a good time, but emphasise to them that damaging people’s property and cars or frightening vulnerable individuals is unacceptable.


I’m still gobsmacked at the amount of people who leave spare keys hidden under a rock or on a shelf in their shed! This is something I would never do, yet it’s still common practice in many rural villages. A burglar can easily walk away with your key, have one cut for themselves, replace it and return again at a later date (or at Halloween when you’re out), and take everything you hold dear!


If you don’t already have one, perhaps now is the time to think about getting a house alarm. However, in order for them to be effective, you need to remember to arm them, even when you’re sitting indoors watching the telly.