Dolan suspension halved on appeal

The suspension imposed on St. Brigids player Garvan Dolan was halved at a special meeting of the Disputes Resolution Committee (DRA) of the GAA which was held in Mullingar on Friday night last.   Dolan was suspended for 48 weeks following incidents in the Roscommon Co. Senior Football Final in October last. The St. Brigids club appealed that decision to the Connacht Council of the GAA but the ruling was upheld.   The club then appealed to the DRA on the basis that Roscommon Co. Board did not use the right rule. However the DRA found that Roscommon Co. Board used the correct procedure but that the suspension served by the player was harsh and they agreed to cut the suspension in half which means that Garvan Dolan will be available to St. Brigids almost immediately.   In other disciplinary-related news Strokestown appealed a 48-week suspension handed out to Derek Hagen to the Connacht Council recentlyand that suspension decision was upheld by the Connacht Council. It is not known yet whether the case will go to the DRA.