Documentary by Lisacul woman has now been podcast

The Lisacul woman responsible for the  documentary on Roscommon’s All-Ireland minor football championship win last year which was aired on Newstalk Radio two weeks ago and which prompted a massive reaction has been telling The Roscommon People about how the documentary came about.   Catherine Regan is doing her Masters degree in journalism at NUIG and as part of her final year projects they were asked to do a radio documentary.    Catherine takes up the story: ‘I knew just what a huge impact winning the All -had on the people in Roscommon so it was an obvious subject. I interviewed Fergal O’Donnell, Donie Shine, David Flynn, Brendan Cregg and many more, including the legendary Rossie  supporter Paddy Joe Burke about the title win. I had great fun doing it’ she said.    Catherine was happy the way it turned out and so impressed were her superiors that it was nominated for the S Media awards which are annual awards  for students in the media industry.   Then Catherine said she would contact Newstalk to see if they were interested in it. ‘They had a listen and they really liked it and they aired it two weeks ago.’   The programme prompted a massive response. There were hundreds of texts and comments on the night and they have had hundreds of requests to re-brodcast the programme. It was one of the biggest public reactions that the national station has ever received for any such programme.    ‘They really liked it and I was taken aback by the huge reaction to it. They were talking about putting it on to a CD and selling it but it is now available  on a podcast so it is there on the website for  anyone who wants it now’ she said.   ‘I’m thrilled with the reaction and it will help me as I go looking for a full-time job after my masters course is over’ Catherine told me.    Catherine is not certain what area of the media she might like to work in when she is qualified. ‘I like both print and broadcasting so I m not sure yet what I want to do but I have to say that I really enjoyed the experience of doing the radio documentary and I am delighted  that it has gone down so well’ she concluded.