Do you struggle to get good Broadband in your area? Imagine Broadband is the solution you are looking for

Lack of availability of broadband in rural Ireland is a front and centre issue for the people of Roscommon. It’s gaining particular attention in the run up to the local elections with candidates on doorsteps listing it as a key concern – that is where Imagine comes in.


Imagine is an Irish company delivering much needed broadband with speeds of up to 150Mb to homes, businesses and communities across regional and rural areas.


Imagine believes that ‘fast reliable broadband shouldn’t just be for some, it should be for everyone’ which is why they cover homes and businesses in underserved areas across Roscommon and the surrounding areas using 5G ready fixed infrastructure.


Their much lauded commitment to supply fast, quality broadband to people across the country has been a focal point of Imagine’s business and their ambitious plans have paid off for their many satisfied customers in the midlands already.


Using the very latest 5G innovation means Imagine can bring fibre to a mast and from there use wireless technology  to connect directly to homes, guaranteeing coverage in 155 sites across the country by June this year and 325 sites by June 2020.


To check if Imagine offers availability in your area simply follow this link.