Dismay over failures to meet 20-minute ambulance target

It’s leading to overcrowding – Murphy

Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy has said that new figures released to his party recently show that virtually all hospitals continue to miss the 20-minute turnaround time for the majority of ambulance calls, with Galway only recording an 8% success rate – while Portiuncula only had a 15 % success rate. The figures released were for May.

  Deputy Murphy said: “Only four hospitals managed to meet the 20-minute target for more than half of ambulance attending their emergency departments. None of the other 26 hospitals had a success rate of more than 49% for the twenty-minute turnaround.”

  The figures show that the best performing hospital was Tallaght Paediatric at 58%. At the other end of the scale, two hospitals failed to break 10%, with Galway recording an 8% success rate and Mayo coming in at 9.7%.

  Deputy Murphy also highlighted the fact that Portiuncula Hospital only recorded a 15.2% success rate for the 20-minute target while some 92.2% of ambulance calls to Portiuncula of 389 calls took up to one hour to be cleared.

Sligo Hospital only had an 18.2% success rate for the 20-minute ambulance target with 91.8% of calls (619) taking up to one hour to clear.

  Describing the figures as “alarming,” Deputy Murphy said: “Missing turnaround targets has a knock-on effect for the ambulance service as it makes it harder to respond to new call-outs in the target time if paramedics are delayed at hospitals. Unsurprisingly, many of the hospitals with low turnaround rates also experience overcrowding in their emergency departments.”