Dismay over dumping!

Cllr. Kathleen Shanagher has slammed a number of instances of dumping at bottle and clothes banks which took place last weekend at various locations in Roscommon town.

Non-recyclable items as well as cardboard boxes, shopping bags and other rubbish were discovered at the bottle banks in Tesco and clothes banks located in the Centrepoint Retail Park.

Cllr. Shanagher said the local Tidy Towns group and IBAL (Irish Businesses Against Litter) judging panels have repeatedly highlighted dumping in these areas in the past.

“People are leaving rubbish such as cardboard boxes and reusable shopping bags at the bottle banks in Tesco. There were also boxes filled with bottles just dumped there even though there was space for them to be recycled in the bottle bins.

“At the clothes banks in the Centrepoint Retail Park there were clothes and other materials as well as a number of non-recyclable items left behind.

“If the clothes banks are full then there are other banks available in Roscommon town. We would ask people not to leave bags at the bins but instead find a clothes bin with space or take items home with them.

“It’s unacceptable as well as unsightly and we are once again appealing to people to take any rubbish that doesn’t belong at these facilities home with them” she said.

Cllr. Shanagher has also called on members of the public to report any dumping at the sites.

“People can be reported for dumping at these sites and I would encourage members of the public to be vigilant in order to keep the areas safe and tidy,” she added.