Dineen highlights ‘disturbing’ dumping

In a spate of illegal dumping condemned by a local politician, dead lambs and rubbish were discarded in a drain in the Ballintubber/Ballymoe area earlier this month.

  Describing the incident as “particularly disturbing”, Independent councillor Nigel Dineen said that such occurences had become more and more prevalent on regional roads in the county recently.

  “Dead lambs or decomposing organic matter are a public health hazrd,” he said. “Surface water drains lead to streams and rivers and this water invariably finds its ways to our water reservoirs.

  “Decomposing animals in our water system is the same as actually putting disease into our water supplies.”

  In order to seek a prosecution, council officials normally search rubbish dumped illegally to find a prosecution.

  In this instance, Cllr. Dineen said: “I noted that newspapers in the rubbish were from Foxford in Co. Mayo and shop receipts were from Knock.

  “I would appeal to the public to be vigilant regarding parked cars along the N61 route and others routes and note registration numbers and report any such incidences where there are reasonable grounds for concern to the Gardaí straight away.”

  He said the not alone was this a serious public health issue, but the safe disposal of this type of organic waste was also a big cost to the taxpayer.