‘Dental waiting lists for children out of control!’




Sinn Féin spokesperson for Roscommon Claire Kerrane has said the waiting lists for HSE dental services for children are out of control in the county putting their oral health at risk.

  Speaking after waiting times were provided by the HSE to her colleague Louise O’Reilly TD, Kerrane said: “Children have a legal entitlement to three routine dental screenings; however, figures revealed by the HSE have shown that in practice children in County Roscommon are not being provided with the necessary screening and checks.

  “There are 566 children on waiting lists for dental services waiting over one year in County Roscommon.

  “This is completely unacceptable – the oral health of children in the county is being threatened because the government refuse to invest in the dental service here.

  “For years the public dental service suffered huge cuts and a serious lack of resources is what is causing these huge waiting lists.

  “We need to see targeted investment in the dental services across the State, but also here in Roscommon – our children and young people cannot be left behind,” she said.