Delegates look for answers on treasurer’s resignation

At last Monday night’s county board meeting a brief statement was read out on the issue of the surprise resignation of Larry Brennan as county board treasurer.    Chairman Michael McGuire said that he had spoken to Larry Brennan before the meeting and he had regretfully accepted his resignation.    Larry Brennan had told the board that he was disappointed with the way the whole resignation of John Maughan was handled.    Michael McGuire said that the resignation of Larry Brennan had nothing whatsoever to do with any financial issues to do with the board and that Larry wanted to stress that.   Assistant treasurer Seamus Nugent said that he couldn’t believe that Larry Brennan had resigned. ‘I have tried to contact him since last week but have failed to do so. He was a very good treasurer and with respect to the others who have been treasurer over the past few years, he was by far the most thorough. I’m very sorry to see him go’ he said.   After a number of delegates asked what were the actual reasons for Larry Brennan’s resignation, Pat Finneran (vice-chairman) said that as far as he was concerned, he resigned because he was ‘left out the loop’ with regard to John Maughan’s resignation. ‘I was out of the loop too, and so were others on the executive. That’s just the way these things have to be handled. It’s very regrettable’ he said.   Brendan Cregg (Minor Board Chairman) said that it was very unfortunate that the resignation took place. ‘I was at the executive meeting on the Monday night and Larry did not speak at that meeting. The man has resigned and that’s it. It’s a pity, but that’s it’ he said.   Secretary Seamus Maher said that the resignation came out of the blue. ‘The timing could not have been worse. Larry Brennan is a good friend of mine but I have not been able to contact him since last Tuesday. We were shocked at the news’ he said.   Padraig Naughton (Clann na nGael) asked that the chairman or some members of the executive go to Larry Brennan to ask him to change his mind. ‘He might have acted in the heat of the moment’ he said.   Chairman Michael McGuire paid tribute to Larry Brennan, labelling him as ‘an outstanding treasurer in the short time he was there.’