Delays with young farmer payments unacceptable – Macra

Following recent contact from distressed young farmers, Seán Finan, Macra National President, has sought a meeting with Minister Simon Coveney. Macra wants to address the ongoing delays in CAP payment to young farmers and convey the anger and frustration of these young farmers across the country. These young farmers were depending on payments in December last but have not yet received anything.

  Mr. Finan has been contacted by young farmers who are under severe financial pressure due to the delays in payments. These young farmers are having difficulty in communicating with the Department of Agriculture to gain an understanding of the cause of the delays. The financial hardship is causing severe pressure for many young farmers. Macra are seeking to quickly resolve these delays.

  Mr Finan said, “Also of serious concern to some young farmers who are farming in partnership is the delay in payment of the Basic Payment Scheme. The additional issue of young farmers in family partnerships who have not been recognised by CAP 2007-2013 and CAP 2015-2020 remains unresolved and must be addressed by Minister Coveney”.

  Mr. Finan continued, “Macra are also seeking clarification on delays to payments due to young farmers who recently commenced their agricultural education. We are also looking for an update on payments due to young farmers relating to Basic Payment Scheme top-ups and national reserve”.

  The purpose of the requested meeting is to gain a full understanding of the issues behind these delays and to try to expedite matters so that Macra can communicate with young farmers and assist them in dealing with this situation.