Delay over Rock of Doon ‘scandalous’

by Seamus Duke  Boyle-based Fine Gael Senator Frank Feighan has slammed An Bord Pleanala for their failure to announce a decision on the proposed development for the Rock of Doon in Boyle.   A decision on whether planning permission for the development — a hotel and spa – is to be granted or not has been put back on at least five occasions and another deadline is set for today (Friday, March 23rd).   ‘It’s scandalous they way these people are being treated’ said Senator Feighan. ‘Customer service is obviously not at the top of the agenda in An Bord Pleanala. It’s just not good enough that these people (the developers, Colman Lynch and Rosaleen Bruen) are being left on the long finger like this with delay after delay and no explanation. It’s a disgrace and it wouldn’t be allowed to happen in any other walk of life.   ‘There should be a review into how these people (An Bord Pleanala) do their business’ added Senator Feighan.    Senator Feighan has also slammed comments made by Peter Crossan, a spokesman for the enviornmental group CLEAN (The Cavan and Leitrim Enviornmental Awareness Network) who, in an interview with this week’s Leitrim Post newspaper, said that ‘The application for the development in Lough Key (which was turned down two years ago) was completely off the wall’.    Mr. Crossan went on to say that ‘Local representatives made very strong statements at the time’ adding ‘why were they not questioning why they have no proper hospital facilities and educational facilities in their own place.’    ‘He is talking rubbish’ says Senator Feighan. ‘People of all political shades and opinion worked together to try and create jobs for the Boyle area. Tourism is our number one asset and we tried to create jobs in that industry.    ‘There is no sign of decentralisation — there was never a hospital in this area and we have an excellent new second level school so it’s hard to know what Mr Crossan is talking about.’    Senator Feighan added: ‘The application for the major development at Lough Key was sound and Roscommon County Council would not have backed it if it threatened water supplies or animal species (as alleged by Mr. Crossan in the interview). The fact of the matter is that this small group (CLEAN) arrived in to our area from Cavan and scuppered a major job creation project